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Malachite+Jet+Pyrite+Herkimer Diamonds+Mookaite

A strong protective bracelet that is bound for transformation! Recommended to wear if you’re a skilled practitioner or someone looking for a transformation. 

Malachite- A stone that helps you get to the heart of the matter. Malachite stimulates inner imagery. Dreams, imagination and memories become alive and real. Suppressed feelings are suddenly brought out into the open. Malachite takes away inhibitions and encourages the expression of feelings. Moods are experienced more intensely and then rapidly dropped again as fast as they arose. Old pain an traumas may surface and be dissolved if we are in a position to face them.
(Comparable to the energy of moldavite except for the fact that rather than being found in space it is formed in the deep earth)

Pyrite- A powerful protective stone that creates a shield against negative energy. Is used to increase strength, energy, willpower, and confidence. It’s also a wonderful abundance stone, encouraging wealth, prosperity, and success. In addition, pyrite can help to release negative energy and fears, including fears that may be blocking success.

Jet- Often used in amulets to protect the wearer. It is believed that this black stone could deflect the evil eye. Jet affects the root chakra associated with the grounding of oneself. According to metaphysical beliefs, jet can help the wearer to break negative behavioral patterns. It has also been used as a stone of good luck and one that brings clarity during trials and tribulations.

Mookaite- Anurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. It brings peace and a feeling of wholeness and helps us with decision making, especially when we are having a difficult time.  It encourages versatility and helps to accept change, while providing us with emotional growth.  It helps us to discover all possibilities in a situation and to choose the right one.  Mookaite provides a protective shield against negative or dangerous situations, eliminating and blocking unwanted outside influences and distractions, and revealing what is concealed.

Herkimer Diamonds-  A very high vibrational stone that has become commonly referred to as “The Stone of Attunement”. It’s energies work to put you at ease while in uncomfortable environments and will guide you in the right direction in tough situations. When using this stone in meditation, it assists in attuning the astral realm to the physical realm.